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  • Today there are plenty of companies who provide their services for automated blogging. These include websites like,,, etc.

    These websites rapidly build hundreds of blogs for the bloggers. They also put them on a feature referred to as auto-pilot so that they grow slowly and naturally, as if it is a blog maintained by an actual blogger. These sites also provide the hundreds of blogs with rational titles and original names. They are slowly filled with posts and articles related with the titles. Random comments are added automatically. The blogs are further embedded with ads and keywords allied to the topic. This process even though automatic is done as if some person has actually put some thought into it. Blogs that are provided by these websites thus provide real information.

    How to optimize a blog look and feel:

  1. •Do not use default templates. Get you templates designed if required.
    •Try to use proper color combinations.
    •Place the subscribe links in prominent places.
    •Even if using customized fonts make sure that it is readable.
    •Do not write blogs which are too long.
    •Make paragraphs at the right places.
    •Make sure that the content is accurate. Do not give wrong information.
    •Don't make any spelling mistakes.
    •Have descriptive titles.
    •Post regularly.


Blogging is the new form of self expression for the 21st century.

At, you are able to create a completely free blog where you can share your thoughts with family, friends and our members. is a community where real discussions take place and honest opinions are expressed.


What makes different than other blog sites is the interaction that takes place in our community. When you sign up for a free blog and start posting, you will have an instant audience. At other sites you will need to understand internet marketing in order to get people to your blog to read what you have to say. At, your postings will be displayed through the site and the community can easily find them, creating interesting conversations on real issues. Our system has been developed so that anyone can participate. HTML skills are not required making blogging as simple as possible.

At the same time, we are continually working to add unique, easy to use features and customization possibilities to give you your own personal blog within our community. is more than a free blog community. We also allow you to upload and organize photos and videos, rate other member's posts, and stay up to date with the latest news from around the world. When you make a blog post or leave a comment on another member's blog, your post is instantly published on to the web site and other members are able to read immediately read what you have to say. Are you ready to get started?






Community spirit on twitter


There is something starting to develop on Twitter that I don't think I've seen on any other social network so far. There seems to be a real growing sense of community. Now, you might say so what? We've seen communities online before. Stretching right from the dial-up BBS's, through to Facebook. That's true, they were communities, but this doesn't seem to me to be like anything I've seen previously. This community has a heart. It really does care, and its growing and evolving.


My first example is the best. Bobby Rill has been tirelessly campaigning on Twitter for her friend, Michelle Noins, who Rob has never actually met in person, who has breast cancer. Rob has started a fund to collect for Mich, the frozen pea fund, so named after the frozen peas that Mich was advised to put on her breast to stop the pain.

To raise awareness of this Rob suggested that people change their avatars to include peas, to stimulate the conversation. This has been a great success, with people not only changing their pictures (or pea-vatars), but showing support by pledging money to the cause. And it's more than a fad.


The most amazing thing is that most of these people have never met Michelle Noins. They only know her either through Rob's efforts or through Twitter or Mich's Blog. They have been brought together by this new medium. It's not like reading a blog, where people often use more formal language and are careful what they write. In a blog what people have said may have happened days or weeks before. Twitter seems more like IM, where people put more of themselves into the conversation. And as it's spread out over time, you get to experience what people are saying in their time frame. It makes it all seem more real.


As a result the sense of belonging or knowing that person or group seems to be heightened. Its not even like in Facebook, where that seems to be a few hours or so behind reality. Twitter is more, now. And Facebook has all the Web 1.0 accoutrements such as banner ads and all those annoying pirate and werewolf apps. Twitter is cleaner, makes you feel closer. And that is what a community is all about. Feeling closer to the people you know and care about, and extending that community in open and honest ways.


So please show you support for Michelle Noins and Bobby Rill's efforts to publicize this by visiting the site and making a donation, or come onto Twitter and join in the global conversation and join our community. And send some Twitter love Rob's way as well, she has been working, from my estimation, day and night to publicize this with no financial reward for her. Well done Rob. And good luck Mich and get well soon.

News & Events

  • 9th / January / 2015 At long last i finally got round to getting my LCD TV for my room! Rather than have a 42″ i decided to go for 32″ the price decided it for me!! £432 so can't complain at that! The service was brill…. ordered it Sunday night and it come Tuesday morning! Any way here's a pic….

  • 9th / July / 2015 Found some pics what have been saved from the local paper! Sadly the paper is a bit knackered now so they didn't scan well!! The first one is from a car crash that happened on Ashton Road. I was round about 10!! lol I've put an arrow on to point me out but yup its me!!

  • 9th / JAugust / 2015 Started the transformation of my room!! Decided to change the floor and rather than pay a fortune for laminate i would use viynl tiles what look like laminate!! It looks absolutely brill down!! Got some new drawers and shelves so everything is neat and tidy. What a change!! Kept me quiet for a bit. lol

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SEO old hat white hat

White Hat Search Engine Optimization:

Search engine optimization is basically classified into two types depending upon the method and design used in the process. The techniques which are recommended by the search engines are called as White Hat Search Engine Optimization Techniques. The results of White Hat search engine optimization techniques are generally very long lasting.

The tactics of search engine optimization are considered as a white hat technique if it does not involve any fraud or cheating and adheres to the search engines rules and guidelines. These rules and guidelines are not present in any kind of a series or documents. It is used only to ensure that the contents the user will see in the search indexes should be the same on the actual website. White hat search engine optimization can be compared to the web development which is used to improve accessibility but are not the same.

Hence it can be said that white hat search engine optimization are made to make searches more fruitful for the user than cheat the search engines to show faulty results. White hat search engine optimization may include making changes in the sites appearance, coding or organization as well as fixing problems that prevent the search engine from searching all the pages on the website. Other changes may include adding distinctive matter to the site or making it more user friendly.

- Leslie Anne

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